November 3, 2010

This entry turned into a huge collection of links and I apologize! I saw a nice thread progressing about a topic I was interested in and so I decided to compile what I could in this post. I feel so useless since all of the information I'm giving out is the product of someone's hard work. Credit is given where it is due! I'm really envious of all of these great collections.

Here are some nice sets!
Herajika's collection on Flickr.
Bianca's closet on poupeegirl.
MintyMix pictures on Flicker.
Jola's sock collection on LiveJournal.

This is a very helpful page if you want to search for lolita on y!Japan:
Frozen's guide to finding things on Yahoo!Japan.

A little list of some indie brands that are out there. I don't like all of these, but maybe someone else will? (:
Ria's indie brand list on LiveJournal.

How big is your wardrobe, whether it's lolita inspired or not? How much do you think it is worth? Are you happy with it or do you wish you could expand?


  1. Thanks for the links! I remember seeing some of them but hadn't bookmarked them.
    As far as my wardrobe goes, this beast will never be satiated.

  2. Wow, lotta links. Gotta check some out though. I am sure you did a good job of suggesting them :D

  3. thanks for the links. some of them are broken just so you know. the ones that work are helpful though so thanks again!

  4. Looks great ^_^ alot of the stuff is Japanese! a little hard to figure out the sites but looks good.


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