January 4, 2011

GABALMANIA Review (Part 1)

I ordered a new wig today! After much debate I decided to go with both Cyperous and GabalMania. This is a review about the latter, a South Korean company based in Seoul. This is the wig I chose!

Their site is mostly in Korean and a little hard to navigate for a native English speaker like me. ^^; They do have a small international order page that is in English, but it was not very helpful. It only mentioned the return policy and shipping prices outside of Asia. On each wig page the price is listed in South Korean Won and United States Dollars. That was very helpful!

With the help of a few Korean friends I was able to figure out the order process. Unfortunately we discovered that to place an order through the site you need a Korean social security number, a Korean address and a Korean phone number.

At first we tried to use random numbers but it didn't work. Secondly we tried to use a legitimate address and phone number but still had no luck. Lastly I even managed to find a friend who was willing to loan her KSSN - no dice! As a final attempt I sent an e-mail to their customer service address. I copied and pasted the wig information and price as well as the information for one set of accessories that I wanted.

 I was surprised when they responded within a few hours with a PayPal invoice that arrived at my e-mail.

I sent my payment as soon as I got the email. It was just over $80 for one wig, a wig stand, ceramic brush, two sets of hair clips, a hair net, and wig spray. International shipping was included in this price.

Most of the wigs on this site are around $50. Each wig offers multiple colors and comes with an entire set of photos for each shade which is VERY helpful! For the wig I ordered there were over a dozen different pictures of the wig in action, as well as four basic wig shots from different angles. The wigs are made of a highly heat resistant fiber and are safe to use with heats up to 320F / 160C. They also offer a full variety of real human hair wigs but the prices are much higher - anywhere from $450.00 to $1,200.00 USD. I will add to this post as soon as I receive this wig in the mail and get a chance to try it on!

What is your favorite wig? Do you have a favorite seller or wig store? How do you feel about ordering wigs online instead of in a shop?