October 25, 2010

Hello everyone! This is my first post and everything is moving along much easier than I anticipated. It's not hard to understand the layout side of everything and Blogger has tons of little options for me to customize. I am a happy camper so far. This makes my move from my old blogging site not quite as traumatic. (:

Let's get started with the usual content: some of these furniture arrangements are just too cute! The room layouts are also very well done. I wish I was the owner of a few of these closet collections. Credit for the images goes to the sites that have watermarked them.

I really like how creative people are. Some of these rooms look like they are awfully tiny but they are still decorated tastefully and in a way that opens up the space. I think this is especially important for store spaces to take advantage of, as was seen in some of the above references.

What do you think of all the designs? Did you have a favorite piece? What is your ideal room?


  1. These pictures are adorable! I wish I could be as organized and neat as some of them, I'm such a mess!

  2. I love Lolita closets. Makes me wish I had a collection of Lolita to display like that. I really love the first picture.

  3. I see that first image all the time and it's just- so cute ;o;

  4. Hnng, the loli stuff are gorgeous. The first image my smile, just because it's so cluttered with all those cute and gorgeous stuff. :)


All comments are welcome! (: